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Hello I'm Luis!

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The goal of Asheville Multicultural is to highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

Hello Asheville friends, today I want to briefly introduce you to a local organization creating amazing murals in our city, while highlighting the NATIVE PEOPLES OF THIS CONTINENT.

Never before in my 22 years living in Asheville, I have been able to see anything like this. Oftentimes people talk about what to do with the former space where the Vance monument once stood, and I often say, I would love to see the monument of a Cherokee Chief.

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Who knows, what is going to happen in the end, but in the meantime

The INDIGENOUS WALLS PROJECT is  not waiting for anyone to honor the original people of this land, and what they are doing in Asheville is beyond beautiful.

I’m happy to see the work of people with Native American roots in public spaces, and above all, it is great to be reminded that before this land was known as America, it was the land of more than 500 nations.

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I hope you enjoy this blog

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