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The goal of Asheville Multicultural is to highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

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Hi! I’m Emily from Panama City, Florida home of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches! These days though, I am satisfied with living in the Most Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains! I grew up with a Grandmother who loved to dance and parents who played records often! So, I started dancing as a toddler and just never stopped. Up until moving to Asheville in 2014 I mostly danced freestyle, but I dabbled in Swing, Bellydance, and Ballroom. 

Partner dancing was a challenge for me starting out since I was used to “doing my own thing”, but now I absolutely love the freedom of following. Kudos to all the Leads out there! I guess I started dancing Salsa about 8 years ago, but very sporadically at The Block Off Biltmore, Tressa’s, and MG Road. At the beginning of 2020, I jumped into a Rueda de Casino group led by Kenna Sommer and was inspired to learn more Latin dancing. 

Salseros in asheville asheville multicultural
Salseros in asheville instructors asheville multicultural

Since then I have been dancing Salsa regularly and have started to share what I’ve learned by teaching some basic lessons with Marco Jeronimo at One World West & Alley Cat in West Asheville. We have also started to choreograph for Quinceaneras and that has been a lot of fun! Soon, we will be teaching a Basic Salsa Series at the Haywood Quickstop behind Cafe’ Canna.

They are getting a dance floor outside on “the Porch” & we are looking forward to connecting with folks who want to learn more than the bare basics we teach at the local bars each week. We want to share more and people want to learn more, so I think Asheville is ready for it!

You can follow our new Facebook page SALSA, or you can send us an email with any questions for group or individual lessons at

Salseros in asheville emily instructor asheville multicultural

Dancing is a beautiful way to express and connect!

It truly is transformative, universal, and everyone can do it!

Salsa dancing has been a great joy in my life and I hope to see more and more people spinning & smiling on the dance floor!  

Hello everyone, hola a todos, my name is Marco Jeronimo. I am from Mexico City, and I have lived in this beautiful town for 20 years. I love the mountains, the City’s vibe.

Salseros in asheville marco instructor asheville multicultural
Marco fidel and emily from asheville salsa instructors asheville multicultural

I remember dancing since I was 12, I started with Cumbia and other latin rhythms, it was 2003 when I learned how to dance Salsa and then I started taking more classes and eventually performing. And now, I’m a dance Instructor and teach basic salsa lessons with my dancing partner Emily.

If you are interested in learning Salsa you can catch us on Wednesdays at One World Brewing, also every other Friday at Alley Cat in West Asheville.

Thank you Asheville Multicultural, I see you at the dance floor!

Marco fidel salsa instructor from asheville asheville multicultural

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Next week on our vlog: Shiloh, visiting one of the oldest African American communities in Asheville

I hope you enjoy this blog

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