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The goal of Asheville Multicultural is to highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

What’s going on my big appetite friends? Are you ready for more great food here in Asheville? All right then! Because today I’m taking you to a place I drove by many times, and lucky  me, one good day I decided to go in. First things first, I feel fortunate to know quite a bit about Mexican cuisine, and lucky us, here in Asheville we have lots of Mexican talent working in the kitchens of some of  the best restaurants in town.

However, I have to tell you, I have NEVER BEFORE, met a Mexican Chef Rocking Asheville, the way Chef Enrique Pérez is doing it. Slowly, smoothly and quietly.

A Mexican Chef rocking Asheville b ashevillemulticultural blog

This is what I mean, many times I drove by Ay Caramba Mexican grill & Bar, on N. Leicester Hwy, and didn’t go in. MANY TIMES. Now, I wish I would have gone in sooner …. Honestly, I did not expect to find what I found inside when it comes to Mexican cuisine and the people behind it.

The place is big, has outdoor seating for the warmer months, plenty of parking, service is friendly, many tvs to watch your favorite sports,  pretty cool murals of  México, Frida Kahlo, and the Aztec Calendar painted by a local latino artist. 

A Mexican Chef rocking Asheville c asheville multicultural blog
A Mexican Chef rocking Asheville d ashevillemulticultural blog

I have in fact visited about 6 times in the last two months, this for a guy who eats out a lot, should tell you something. Truth be told, the 3 dishes I tried during my first visit, I have never seen in any other Mexican restaurant in Asheville, and they were FANTASTIC!

Anyway, before I tell you more about the food, I want you to know, Chef Enrique Pérez attended culinary school in México, and as far as I can tell, he is the first Mexican Chef I know in Asheville that has done that. If I’m wrong in making this assumption, please tell me because I want to know. 

A Mexican Chef rocking Asheville b ashevillemulticultural blog 3
A Mexican Chef rocking Asheville f asheville multicultural blog

All right, enough bla, bla, bla, what did we have? I say we, because my friend Stu Helm the Food Fan joined me in this West Asheville food adventure, and you are going to see him in this video.


I recommend you go and see why I’m saying this Mexican Chef is rocking Asheville!

We enjoyed the following, and I’m adding the video for you!

CHORIZO SKILLET, ALAMBRE, MOLCAJETE, and then I went back by myself and had CARNE EN SU JUGO.

A Mexican Chef rocking Asheville h asheville multicultural blog
A Mexican Chef rocking Asheville i asheville multicultural blog

Take a look at our video here 👇🏽

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Ay Caramba Mexican Grill & Bar in West Asheville is locally owned and the concept is based on family recipes.

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