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Hello I'm Luis!

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The goal of Asheville Multicultural is to highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

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All right everyone, I know you all love Mexican food, but I also know for a fact authentic Mexican food can be really weird, seriously!

I mean, chilangos (Mexicans from Mexico City) love Guajolotas (a sandwich made with a tamal in the middle!) Yes, carbs on carbs yo!

And the name Guajolota, means female turkey, and the guajolotas are not made with turkey!

I tell you we Mexicans are weird, this is why I strongly believe most Mexican food you eat in the U.S. is very mild compared to how wild Mexican food can be.

Hot dog tamales 2 bilingual blog asheville multicultural
Hot dog tamales 3 bilingual blog asheville multicultural

Anyway, my friend John Atwater, owner of Taco Temple, loves Mexican culture and I in fact believe he was a chilango in another life, the guy is obsess with our cuisine.

So, when he told me he was making HOT DOGS TAMALES I thought he was kidding at first, I mean, I never had TAMALES DE SALCHICHA in México, and I was skeptical for sure. But then, I remembered, I’m MEXICAN, I said to my self I HAVE TO TRY THESE PINCHES TAMALES WEY, a huevoooooo!

I know John is passionate about his Mexican cuisine, and therefore I headed to Taco Temple.  On my way I called my buddy Stu Helm, The Food Fan, and I asked him if he wanted to try them with me? The answer was FUCK YEAH! 

All right y’all, here  is the video of my first WEIRD AMAZING FOODS IN ASHEVILLE.

Hot dog tamales 4 Bilingual blog asheville multicultural

TRY THESE TAMALES THEM, you are going to thank Taco Temple staff, for their creativity and for sharing with us unexpected weird foods ,that are DELICIOUS! 

All right, if you know of a place making something weird and you LOVE IT, LET ME KNOW! And I will be happy to go check it out.


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I hope you enjoy this blog

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