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The goal of Asheville Multicultural is to highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

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Beautiful, stunning, tropical, trippy and UNIQUE. Yes, that is the best way I can describe CULTURA. Located in Asheville’s South Slope, this restaurant is something else. Now, I have to admit, I heard about it a couple years ago, but it was only until this past Thursday that I was able to visit for the first time, and I think is DOPE!

What makes it so cool?

Let me talk about the ambiance for once, because honestly, I believe this place stands alone in all of Asheville for what the designer team achieved here. I digged this place from the moment I walked from across the street, nice earthy colors on the building’s walls, big windows allowing you to see the inside, however, the colors picked for the outside walls made it a little confusing because as you can see here, it reads Vidl WINERY bright against a white wall, and it was until I was right outside looking at the address to make sure I was in the right place that I could read CULTURA. As soon as I got to the door the candle lights got my attention, the dramatic old world effect they have created with the huge barrels on the wall behind the counter is lovely. After getting a mocktail, I made my way to the dining area and this is where it got really interesting for me. You see, I love these mountain, but this dining room is very different from many upscale restaurants that have chosen to highlight the beauty of our mountains. In fact, I think this is PROBABLY one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL DINING ROOMS in AVL, the wall art is full with portrait of animals surrounded by plants in such a way, that it creates the illusion that you are in a tropical place. I found it refreshing and warm that Cultura has taking this approach. The lighting was very freaking cool, I met one of the ladies involved in creating this ambiance, Elizabeth Bates, and I meant it when I told her that I was impressed and that I was going to write a bilingual blog about it. Yes, bilingual because that is what I do, it is 2020 and I want everyone to see how awesome our city is, and for a variety of cultures to mingle. Hell, if I could speak more than two languages I would do it.

Here is where you will find all the awesome multicultural food scene in Asheville

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The trip to the restroom

If you are visiting, and have engaged in some of the local recreational activities available at the CBD dispensaries in the area or you had some smokable fun,👌 this might be an experience you may enjoy, but if you are under the effect of shrooms or something like that BE AWARE.  The wall art in the restrooms was created by local artist Howell Golson and it is pretty DOPE👊🏾 The dinner event happening when I attended was prepared by Chef Silver Cousler and the theme was right on point. It is my understanding  the menu was based on Filipino culture, and this thematic dinner was also made to benefit The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s BIPOC Conservation Trail Crew. I also learned that Cultura is collaborating with a variety of local Chefs in creating  thematic dinners to support local non profits in the area ❤️❤️❤️ 

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Take a look at the menu

Cultura is located at 147 Coxe Avenue To look at the menu and their hours click here 👉🏼: Instagram: @culturaavl Facebook: culturaavl

If you want to see more diversity in our local culinary scene, please consider following our bilingual blog and, if you want your favorite restaurant to be featured in our blog leave us a comment!


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