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Hello I'm Luis!

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The goal of Asheville Multicultural is to highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

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What up my peeps?! I hope you are enjoying this awesome summer. 

Today, I like to start this vlog by sharing with y’all, that I’m proud of my Latino roots, our food, traditions, mix of cultures, so many things and our MUSIC!

Latinos are often described as happy, passionate, and family oriented people. We are! Music and dance are a key component of our identity, and the result of our mixed backgrounds. 

Yes, Latinos are multicultural, you see, we have Indigenous, European, African, Arab, and Asian blood in most of our DNA, and this my friends, has a clear impact on our food, music, and language.

I hope what you are about to see here, triggers your desire to explore a culture that is rich and is having an impact on our local night scene. I believe latinos are  making  Asheville vibrant, eclectic and in some cases WE ARE MAKING YOU DANCE!

Luis Carlos “Lucho” Serapio.

Luis carlos serapio from asheville multicultural
paola tinoco dancer asheville multicultural


 Flamenco Dancer/ Instructor.

I love Flamenco because it is a raw passion, and it is the best art form to express myself. 

I would love to connect with more people seeking to extend their knowledge of Flamenco, or those who are interested in learning.

For workshops, performance or if you want to hire Paola


8/8 – 8/29

5:30 pm Technique (beginners welcome)
6:30 pm Choreography (intermediate)


Juan Pablo Mendez is originally from “el defectuoso”, aka Mexico City.

Chico Feo has a passion for music and he is quite a traveler.

Yeah, this guy got to the mountains via Mexico City- Barcelona- Austin, and then Asheville. 

He has always been involved in the music scene, playing in bands, and working in a variety of areas due to his family’s involvement in the entertainment world. 

Chico Feo is currently exploring his love for latin, funky, soulful and electronic styles.

You can find him at The Imperial Lounge and rooftop Pillar Bar in downtown Asheville.

For more info follow him on Instagram:

Resident Dj @Imperialavl on Sunday nights

DJ chico feo asheville multicultural
DJ jorge el tico asheville 1


Jorge has lived in Asheville for over 10 years.

This guy knows how to throw a party!

Wednesdays: Latin night at One World Brewing in West Asheville

8PM- 12AM the follow him to Cafe Canna for the after party 12-2AM

Thursdays: Spanglish Karaoke at Cafe Canna in West Asheville

Sundays in August Saucy Sunday at Country Club West Asheville.

For more info follow jorge on Instagram:

Here, take a look at our YouTube channel and DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

* If you want to discover more of the international food scene in this city, I encourage you to visit 

Coming soon!

Next week on our vlog: Something very awesome and LATINO is coming to the River Arts District 😉

I hope you enjoy this blog

and if you like to see more bilingual content highlighting multiculturalism in Asheville you can

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