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The goal of Asheville Multicultural is to highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

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The latin nights in Asheville are hot, and now you can dance to BACHATA, SALSA, REGGAETON, CUMBIA, Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays!

Yes, Latinos are making a huge impact in the local economy, and personally ,I’m happy to see people like BACHATA AVL hosting international BACHATEROS  in Asheville. Bachata nights in Asheville are here to stay, that’s for sure!

SALSA AVL is doing a great job by giving salsa lessons in town, and they have become very popular. You can find out more about them by checking our bilingual blog about them. 

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The leaf global arts retreat 2024 may 9 12 asheville multicultural

THE LEAF FESTIVAL blew my mind last October when they brought SON ROMPE PERA from Mexico City and their Punk – Cumbia to the festival, great job building a fun bridge to multiculturalism.

By the way, The Leaf Global is bringing CIMAFUNK, a Cuban Funk band to the festival this MAY!  

Bravo Bachata AVL, Salsa AVL , The Leaf Global, y como decia la negra santa AZUCAR!


The driving force behind the bachata craze in Asheville.


  1. What is bachata?

Bachata is a style of dance that is typically counted on 8 counts that originated in the Dominican Republic.  It has spread all over the world with bachata sensual taking off at Congresses and all over social media.

  1. What made you want to create Bachata AVL?

I lived in Playa del Carmen for a little while and while I was there I took a dance class. The students all walked together to a social after and I connected with the group.  I started taking private lessons to learn as much as I could.  When I came back to the US I was disappointed that there was not much of a bachata scene here.  There was a lot of salsa but bachata was not as well known.  I met my partner out dancing and we talked about how cool it would be to have a bachata night. Later I asked my dance teacher from Mexico to visit and he stayed and helped the community grow in a tremendous way.  Everyone started taking classes with him at Uphora Dance Studio on Patton Avenue and bachata picked up more and more in the socials.  I wanted to grow this community so we could learn and dance together.  There’s an upcoming dance congress in Atlanta and there are over 35 of us going together to learn and dance.  It’s amazing!

  1. Your favorite bachata song?

It’s really tough to pick.  I love Pinto Picasso and how much he loves his family so I really like the song Paris.  I also like Mr. Don’s Mariposas a lot.

  1. Favorite bachata dancer?

That’s also tricky.  Bri Jones is amazing (ArnaldesyBri on Instagram) I got to take a private class with her in Atlanta and she was incredible. Marco y Sara out of Spain are also incredible as well asUmeko Yukoshe’s a Japanese dancer living in Spain.  And of courseLa Alemanashe basically started the bachata sensual movement. All of these dancers are incredible at dancing and teaching.

  1. Where could people learn bachata

They can learn by taking group or private classes at Uphora on Patton Avenue.  We have a weekly bachata class at Urban Orchard at 8:30 pm on Thursdays (including a monthly theme party).


Hosted –
Jonnathan Villalobos
Pamela Perez
DJ Zazu bachata in Asheville


  1. How long have you been a DJ?

1 Year.

  1. How long have you been living in Asheville?

2 Years in Asheville.

  1. Do you think people in Asheville enjoy bachata?
Definitely yes, bachata has been growing worldwide, and it’s here to stay. More and more bachata venues, festivals, congresses, etc., have emerged in recent years. Since last year when an instructor named Jonathan from Playa del Carmen MX arrived, the dance community in Asheville, mostly focused on salsa and cumbia, shifted more towards bachata. Now, local dancers and those from nearby cities enjoy bachata nights here in Asheville, especially at the only exclusive bachata spot, BachataAVL (Victoria Frasher), promoter of Thursday bachata nights at Urban Orchard.

  1. How can people learn more about the bachata movement in Asheville?
BachataAVL on IG and FB is the perfect place for any news about bachata events in Asheville, classes, schedules, plans for dance congresses, etc. Lastly, can you send me your rates as a DJ and what do they include? My prices vary depending on the type of event, whether it’s a club, wedding, event, party. I’m very flexible with pricing. For a formal quote, you can contact me via cellphone, email, or Instagram. I have a DJ controller, laptop, 2 speakers, microphone.

Bachata Visiting Instructors

You can contact Jonnathan Villalobos 

Maui who owns Uphora Dance – they have bachata classes too and Jonnathan does online classes with her.

She hosted Pamela too.

Maui is also bringing some big bachata stars to Asheville. Jose Serrano on April 20 and Luis and Tay in September!

Jonnathan Serrano Bachata instructors in Asheville Blog (1) (1)
Jonnathan Villalobos
Pamela Perez Bachata instructor in asheville Asheville Multicultural Blog
Pamela Perez


Asheville Multicultural: Connecting Cultures, Empowering Businesses

Embracing Diversity in Asheville

Asheville Multicultural is the place where you are going to find food, culture, & diversity. This platform proudly embraces diversity and we invite you to visit and enjoy the local artists, musicians,entrepreneurs that make Asheville so vibrant. 

Also, make sure to keep an eye on our collaboration with LEAF GLOBAL, the most fun and multicultural festival in our city.

Leaf global arts retreat may 9 12 2024

The Leaf Global Arts RETREAT Happens in

MAY 9-12, 2024
See the whole lineup👇🏽

Get tickets here!
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