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The latin nights in Asheville are hot, and now you can dance to BACHATA, SALSA, REGGAETON, CUMBIA, Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays!
Yes, Latinos are making a huge impact in the local economy, and personally ,I’m happy to see people like BACHATA AVL hosting international BACHATEROS in Asheville. Bachata nights in Asheville are here to stay, that’s for sure!

Things to do

Asheville’s Love Affair With Indian Food.

INDIAN FOOD is so hot, that you should know it is only SECOND to the restaurants for MEXICAN FOOD in Asheville, when it comes to the choices you have to dine out in our city.
What makes me say this? Well, we all know this town is a food destination, and FYI just in downtown Asheville we have 5 Indian restaurants, yes 5!
And guess what? As you are reading this, I have just learned there is a NEW Indian restaurant coming up to downtown Asheville. That means very soon there are going to be SIX located less than a mile from each other!

Latin Food

A Multicultural taste of West Asheville

Asheville Multicultural: Unveiling Foodie Favorites and Asheville’s Locals Favorites Restaurants
Culinary Maestros in Asheville
In the heart of Asheville’s vibrant food scene, Chef Steven Goff stands out as a rock star in the kitchen. His inventive creations have become synonymous with awesome food in Asheville, captivating both locals and visitors alike. Likewise, Chef May Sujitra, known for making food fit for a king, has garnered a devoted following.


Hot Chicken Sandwich And Community

Asheville has great restaurants no doubt, and with all the variety of international flavors and cuisines available in this town, it is impressive to see a place like Tastee Diner holding its ground, while building a strong and supportive community.

When I visited, I had breakfast because Tastee at this time is only open for breakfast and lunch, however this is about to change very soon, in fact, this should happen by the end of April.


Making Martial Arts Latino Champions in Asheville

Not long ago, Chef John Atwater asked me to go with him to the farmers market to look for hot peppers, and produce for the salsas they make at Mamacita’s Taqueria, and Taco Temple.

Well, that was a few years ago. I remember that when we arrived at the Asheville’s Farmers Market, almost right away, I felt transported to México. The smell of tomatoes, hot peppers, cilantro, watermelons and the sight of Vanessa, a Mexican grandmother surrounded by 4 or 5 kids, made me feel like I had travelled in time.


Native American Art in Asheville (Indigenous Walls Project)

Hello Asheville friends, today I want to briefly introduce you to a local organization creating amazing murals in our city, while highlighting the NATIVE PEOPLES OF THIS CONTINENT

As someone with Afro Latino roots creating content highlighting diversity in Asheville, I was excited to meet Rachel, and to learn about the work she is doing in our community.


Making pan de Muerto in Asheville, NC!

Halloween is for me the beginning of the holiday season, in fact, this day is my favorite holiday in the U.S.A. No doubt!

As someone that has lived in the States for many years, I can honestly say I love the playful spirit of Halloween, it is for me the closest thing to the spirit of celebration you experience in Latin America.


Shiloh’s Historic African American Community In Asheville

Hello friends, I hope you are doing well, and enjoying the last days of summer. Ok, today I want to share with you all, my visit to the Shiloh Community in South Asheville, the oldest African American Community in our City.

This place has a beautiful garden with flowers, vegetables,stone oven, murals, amphitheater, and it is cared for, and kept by local residents.The best part is they are re-writing their history, while empowering youth with a variety of activities and workshops, while investing time in the place they call home.


Salsa Dancing Takes over Asheville

Hi! I’m Emily from Panama City, Florida home of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches! These days though, I am satisfied with living in the Most Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains! I grew up with a Grandmother who loved to dance and parents who played records often! So, I started dancing as a toddler and just never stopped. Up until moving to Asheville in 2014 I mostly danced freestyle, but I dabbled in Swing, Bellydance, and Ballroom.

Partner dancing was a challenge for me starting out since I was used to “doing my own thing”, but now I absolutely love the freedom of following. Kudos to all the Leads out there! I guess I started dancing Salsa about 8 years ago, but very sporadically at The Block Off Biltmore, Tressa’s, and MG Road. At the beginning of 2020, I jumped into a Rueda de Casino group led by Kenna Sommer and was inspired to learn more Latin dancing.