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The goal of Asheville Multicultural is to highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

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Summer time y’all! And now that we are all about spending time outside, I want to share with you all great news about the folks making this city a vibrant and culinary scene. 

You see Asheville keeps getting better, hotter, and greater when it comes to our local culinary options my friends.

Quite honestly, I’m glad to see the EAST SIDE is getting their share of awesome cuisine. Yes, there are a few places I’m going to share with you in the near future in this area of the city, but today I’m going to focus on La Rumba.

Cochinita pibil mayan cuisine traditional to the yucatan peninsula asheville multicultural
Chef mike from la rumba latino restaurant in asheville asheville multicultural

First thing I noticed is the folks from La Rumba are truly passionate about their food, and the ingredients they use. I noticed this right away when I saw they buy their meat from Hickory Nut Gap, hell yeah supporting local and making your meal as healthy af!

Now, please do yourself a favor and make a note of this… THEY HAVE THE BEST SHRIMP, I EVER HAD AT A LATINO RESTAURANT. THE BEST!

Yes, you are reading that right… their Camarones en Chipotle Media Crema are the bomb!

I can also tell you, they are making COCHINITA PIBIL. This is  MAYAN CUISINE and not many Mexican or Latino restaurants offer this kind of food y’all!

Shrimps from la rumba latino restaurant must have meals in asheville asheville multicultural
cochinita pibil mayan cuisine from la rumba latino restaurant 1 asheville multicultural

I can also tell you, they are making COCHINITA PIBIL. This is  MAYAN CUISINE and not many Mexican or Latino restaurants offer this kind of food y’all!

Yeah, I’m for the first time making a back to back video about  La Rumba, in the meantime here is a coupon you can present to them on your next visit.

PROMO LA RUMBA FB JULIO 2022 asheville multicultural

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* If you want to discover more of the international food scene in this city, I encourage you to visit 

Coming soon!

Next week on our vlog:

I hope you enjoy this blog

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